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We can supply you with different services over our country or Europe and we are ready to answer to all your questions about our market.

GRAPHIC DESIGN / licencing
VAN LOCATION / Recording studio

We are also a graphic design agency under the name of "Devil Deluxe Design" working for the music bussiness and for any type of clients.

We have references such as BMG Ariola, Universal Music, Vogue, PIAS and we have been working for many festivals such as : Holiday in the sun, Tourcoing jazz festival, Appasionetto (classical music) ,

Les Méditérannéennes...

We  also did create logos for record companies, booking agency or restaurants...


For compilation, video, film and advertising

We own the masters and rights of 150 rock'n'roll songs. Our catalogue is in a Tarantino meet Russ Meyer spirit.

We got High energy punk, wild rockabilly, blues from the crypt, surf and exotica music. Don't ask us for any kind of top of the pop  things.
Our A&R is also a vinyl collector, he can supply us with some of our songs catalogue or also advice you with other  rare stuff. We've been working for different films or series in France like Ossang 's film "Doctor Chance" or the french serie "Lily La Tigresse" for France 2, some of our songs were also on short films and documentary or use by The Lido of Paris for their X-mas Ecard.


TOUR MANAGEMENT and services

We have been on the road with bands for almost the last 30 years from the biggest to the smallest places all around Europe

We can provide you with tour manager/drivers/merchandisers and we can also arrange for France/Europe van location with our partners.

Our tour managers have been working on big events and festivals also as small clubs.


> They also co-work with our designers for creating the merchandise or stage design.

We can also follow the manufacturing of your merchandising (T shirts, badges., Cds, vinyls ...)  or backdrops for your tour over europe trough our local partners.


We are currently working with different companies in France and we can book for you any kind of van dedicated to bands on tour. We can also provide drivers/tour managers.

Interested? Let's Talk.​
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